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Description of the Book:

Loneliness is like quicksand. It consumes you slowly, but completely. After being rejected many times in my life, by friends, family, people I've loved, loneliness was the only welcome friend I could turn to. The greatest rejection of all, however, is the one I delivered to myself- over and over again. After years of ripping up pages filled with lyrics and stanzas, rejecting them all because I thought they were not good enough, I have trusted myself to bare myself for the world to see. This book, created at a time when I was extremely mentally weak and dreamed that Death would come to take me, is the first brave act I've done for myself.

Musings of Imperfection

  • Author Name: Alice Julieth Nazareth
    About the Author: Alice Nazareth is an Anglo Indian writer from Kerala. Having been born and raised in the UAE, she has always had trouble identifying her place within the community. Being lost to both cultures gave her a unique view on life and society in general. Her love for English guided her to become a high school teacher. She has always had an interest for the arts and tries to include it in her lessons as much as possible. Suffering from intense social anxiety has caused her to withdraw from society. She turned to writing as a way to make sense of her thoughts when she couldn't talk to people. And now writing has become her lifeline.
    Book ISBN: 9781005353902


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