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Description of the Book:


"We all go through different experiences in life, and our emotions play a vital role in helping us understand and interpret them.

"Musings of a Moonchild" is an earnest collection of poems that express a range of emotions and feelings. It aims to encourage readers to pause and reflect on their lives. Although being vulnerable is scary, bringing these poems to life has made me brave.

Just like the phases of the moon, we too go through different cycles and experiences in life. Right from being a new moon invisible in the sky to a shining full moon in our lives and the all journey in between. This book reflects on moments of joy, sadness, confusion, clarity, happiness, heartbreak, contemplation, and gratitude.

We often tend to categorize emotions as either good or bad and only seek the positive ones. However, every emotion serves a purpose in our lives and makes it worthwhile and beautiful. As the quote by Maxime Lagacé goes, "To know true happiness, you need to know sadness."

This book is an alluring tribute to accepting life as it is and embracing every moment in its entirety. I hope that it will inspire you to do the same and live life to its fullest potential."

Musings of a Moonchild

SKU: 9789360941444
  • Author's Name: Gayatri Batchu

    About the Author: Gayatri is a postgraduate with an MBA who is currently working in her family business. She started writing at the age of 10, creating imaginative and exciting stories inspired by life. Writing has been her guide in discovering the wonders of the world around her. She is a free-spirited girl who cherishes life and expresses her inner thoughts and feelings through poetry. She wants to share the comfort and solace she finds in words with her readers through her verses.
    Book ISBN: 9789360941444
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