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Description of the book


"Musings of a Millennial Mind" is a collection of self written original modern day poems and shayaris (both in English and Hindi) which explores the complexities of human emotions from experiences and thoughts that captures all kinds of people alike. This series of random poems deals with topics such as Life, love, heartbreaks, death, emotions, motivation, society, Satire, abstract etc. which is unique yet simple and conceivable by many individuals. 

Musings of a Millennial Mind

  • Author Name: Salome Rout
    About the Author: A science student rowing in the stream of Management, Salome Rout has always been enthusiastic about writing. She also has keen interest in music and painting. Being an effective orator has been her forte. Born and brought in Bhubanneswar, Odisha then continued to complete her schooling from Sai international school (bhubaneswar), she has been meritorious student throughout her academic career.She approaches writing poetry and prose from different angles of emotions of young minds. She writes in both English and Hindi languages which deals with topics such as Life, love, heartbreaks, motivation, society etc. in manner that it is conceivable by all.
    Book ISBN: 9781005818371


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