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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of poems that the poet has carefully selected taking inspiration from certain situations in life. It allows the reader's imagination run wild. Simple, lucid and well articulated stanzas, defying the boundaries of literary pragmatism, this book is a must have for shelves that value originality and creativity.

Murals on Heart

    About the Author: SATARUPA MOHAPATRA, born on 30th June 1993, has completed MBA and is professionally known for her business acumen. She loves to proactively indulge in the creative space. It was her flair for writing that pushed her to explore different aspects of the skill. She has numerous awards and accolades under her belt and with such rich experience, her writings carry the depth and weight for the readers to indulge freely and uncompromisingly and experience the rawness in the emotions portrayed.
    Book ISBN: 9786444527402


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