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Description of the Book :

Multitudes of me is an intimate look into the stories, experiences, and relationships of my life that have made me into who I am becoming. It’s a window into my soul, as I learn to forgive who I have been and embrace who I am today. Over the last five years, and the roads that claimed so many pieces of me, I have come to realize I am so many things. But at my best and my worst, I remain extraordinary.

Multitudes of me.

  • Author Name : Jordan Zepher
    About the Author : Jordan K. Zepher is a 29 year-old Atlanta transplant, who dreams of becoming a bestselling author. She is a cat mom to two beautiful boys, named Timber and Tupac—Pac for short—and she is an aspiring divorcée. She loves fall, clarifying that what is going on in Palestine is an occupation, instead of a conflict, and the precious opportunity to spend time with the people in her life who mean the most to her. She currently works as a home health aide and a hospital chaplain.
    Book ISBN : 9781005494025


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