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Description of the Book:

Every work of art should have a start, a muddle, and an end. This statement is sufficient for every moment of our lives; it is as if we are living in 10,000 realms at once. This book grew out of a speaking series aimed at assisting people in discovering their truth and then speaking it out loud. Silence, jealousy, happiness, confession, growth, and much more are all present.

Muddled Me

  • Author's Name: Vipra Kohli
    About the Author: Vipra Kohli was born and raised in the Indian city of Delhi. She is currently in her second year of medical school at M.M. Medical College and Hospital in Himachal Pradesh (India). Vipra believes that our own karma perfectly balances our happiness and opportunities. She believes that everyone has their own spark, and she herself is full of mystical shine and shade. She is a self-sufficient individual who relies on herself for everything. She thrives on challenges, which is how she achieved her goal of having her book published. She is a happy, bubbly person who enjoys being in good company and is always up for a new adventure.
    Book ISBN: 9787890731467


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