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Description of the Book:


Small steps, every day. That's how the journey of many miles is completed.
Bit by bit, slowly. That's how goals get accomplished.
Morsel after morsel. That's how one gets fulfilled.

This book is a culmination of many fleeting thoughts woven together in times of confusion, exhilaration, joy and at times restlessness.


SKU: 9789360945718
  • Author's Name: Aastha Anand

    About the Author: Aastha is a true blue Gemini with a goldfish's attention span. An ex-school topper, ex-clumsy toddler, and ex-sleepy infant, she looks for stories in everyday things. A communications professional, she is a storyteller at heart. She wrote and directed 3 short films many moons ago and created a word pun page on Instagram, also many moons ago. If this book ever gets published, please know that Aastha only completed this a night before submission because she has the time management skills of a carrot.
    Book ISBN: 9789360945718
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