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Description of the Book:


These poems were written during the month of October 2023, while Kori was care taking their terminally ill partner and co-parent. This writing challenge process offered a space for the immensity of emotions directly associated with the second hand experience of cancer treatment and coming to terms with one's mortality, but also includes some pieces that play though other topics that felt moving, including recovering from gender affirming surgery, parenting, magic, polyamoury, animist spirituality and more.

More Love Than Pressure

SKU: 9789358314359
  • Author's Name: Kori Doty
    About the Author: Kori Doty is a genderqueer parent, caregiver, organizer, educator and activist based in Lekwungan Territory (Victoria, Canada). They wrote these poems over the month of October 2023, while care taking their terminally ill spouse.
    Book ISBN: 9789358314359
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