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Description of the Book:


From the sheltered hush of the womb to the wisdom etched in wrinkles, this collection of poems chronicles the remarkable odyssey of a woman's life.
Each verse paints a poignant picture, capturing the unique joys and sorrows, triumphs and vulnerabilities that define the female experience. We witness the wonder of first breath, the blossoming of self-discovery, the tenderness of love and motherhood, the resilience in the face of hardship, and the quiet contemplation of aging.Whether you are seeking to revisit familiar emotions, discover new perspectives, or simply connect with the collective experience of womanhood, "Moonlit Metamorphosis" offers a powerful and evocative exploration of the female journey.

Moonlit Metamorphosis

SKU: 9789360947378
  • Author's Name: Rubasri Muthusamy

    About the Author: Rubasri Muthusamy is a passionate educator and scholar of English literature. She is poised to embark on a promising career in literature. She embarks on a new creative journey with the publication of her debut poetry collection, "Moonlit Metamorphosis".This collection delves into life of a woman from womb to tomb offering a broader perspective on womanhood.She sees her poetry as an extension of her passion for language and storytelling, hoping to connect with readers on a deeper, emotional level.
    Book ISBN: 9789360947378
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