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Description of the Book:


In the pages of this mystical book, each verse is a pilgrimage towards self-discovery. A sacred journey, a woman's sacred journey, through the phases of existence - her musings, longings, and daily rituals. Entwined in verse, the essence of her being is laid bare, her communion with the cosmos - from childhood to nature, marriage to desires, sexuality to career, pain to conflicts. The poetry reveals her journey to you.
With each verse, the illusions of society are stripped bare, exposing the conflicts within our ideals. These odes may awaken the pain within or provide answers to the unspoken questions of the soul. They are a reflection of a woman, bared to the world - speaking of the violation of nature and women, the kaleidoscope of colors she wishes to spread, the desires that the night brings to her, the grief she carries, and the safe sanctuary she discovers.

Monthly Canvas

SKU: 9789360947132
  • Author's Name: Vaishali Khulbe

    About the Author: Vaishali Khulbe is a kumouni from Delhi. Being a Pahaadi, nature is her first love and being a Delhite, she is into the hustle culture too. In her 30 years of living, she has explored the realms of literature, media and teaching. She is a vibrant wallflower and a keen observer who loves teaching as much as writing. Her poems will take you into the depth and conflicts of her inner thoughts and outer existence.
    Book ISBN: 9789360947132
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