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Description of the Book:

As life passes by each day, we fleet across many emotions and thoughts and feelings that we never say out loud. This is a book about all the things that make my life a rollercoaster of emotions every day.
They make an impact and change me as moments in time passes me by.

Moments in time.

  • Author Name: Mohammed Harris
    About the Author: A 19 year old almost adult who likes to type and not write as my handwriting is mystery by itself. I write things I don't feel comfortable sharing with talking or saying and these are things I wanna share with people and just be expressing myself through words. I'm pretty extroverted and yet I feel as if I introvert myself by being insecure about many things. I'm just glad I can write and make up words about whatever I feel and had to endure everyday and just to be able to vent my emotions. Sometimes I do feel like an old man inside a manchild.
    Book ISBN: 9783508608411


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