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Description of the Book:


It’s about moments we live in regular life, rather if you feel them it’s not regular anymore they hold romanticism, they’re emotionally powerful. That’s I admire about life. So this book is about regular moments that are so powerful almost makes you cry out load if you take note about it .
That’s the major reason i started writing.
Like you’re reading me right now is not mere a simple incident . That’s two soul’s first meeting.
So , Hi how have you been ? I was waiting for you.

I expect you to ask me as well. @dusky.dikshy

Moments | तुम्हारी सांझ

SKU: 9789360946739
  • Author's Name: Dr.Dixita Chaudhari

    About the Author: Dixita is Dusky woman who wear flower in her hair, dreamed of leaving on beach . Doctor by profession. Also writes because that's how she breathe. She breathe in words by questioning everything around her. As you've came here to read her . She wants you to question, why? Because that’s how I found earth is beautiful emotions are beautiful. She also writes due to longing of unknown , void she felt that crawled upon her so often. But that’s how artists are may be . As you know I’m writing about myself though I like to write about characters more that plots . So here I’m dusky woman Dixita.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946739
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