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Description of the Book:

Have you ever wanted to just set aside everything that you are told that you are supposed to feel, and just talk to God freely? This book showcases the inner feelings of the heart when in dialogue with God in modern day times. It's a set of poems that express praise, worship, confession and reflection to God. Similar to how David spoke freely, without holding back, this book reflects similar feelings from the author.

Modern Day Psalms

  • Author Name: Kayan Hales Clarke
    About the Author: Kayan Hales Clarke is a Jamaican native based in the U.S. who works in the tech space. Her passions include, technology, immigration, and Christian Apologetics. In her spare time, she enjoys powerlifting, takes beginner level piano classes, attends church, reads books about dreams and intercessory prayer, and makes the occasional youtube video.


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