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Description of the Book:


This is an anthology that has pieces chiselled from various walks of life to reflect on the aspect of how life is colourful even on ordinary days. The perceiver's perception is the portal of magic that leads one on this adventure of reading and writing poems.
Mistress of Gazes shares the poet's simple yet striking observation and transformation of the mundane into mystic because of the power of words. This kaleidoscopic colourful collection records the bravest calls, saddest cries, curious cues, and demanding gratitude towards life that is bestowed as a blessing to each one still breathing and keeping alive in this decaying world where values are at stake.

Mistress of Gazes

SKU: 9789360948382
  • Author's Name: Sharmi Rachel C M

    About the Author: Dr C M Sharmi Rachel is a professor, calligrapher, and poet who loves to experiment the art of writing artistically and aesthetically. She understands the transformative power of words and utilizes it in her poems. In this poetic collection, she aims at instilling sensitivity in the readers regarding a few things that have got her attention recently. In addition, she sprinkles in this collection a few of her human-interest narratives from her life to share her personal façade with the readers. She has published her first book on poetry Gazing into Glimpses: An Autobiographical Anthology in 2023. At the moment, she is working on bringing out a book on Narratology.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948382
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