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Description of the Book:

My poetry tries to describe the clouds of ennui in which our environment seems to be drenched in. Here you can find elements from religious mysticism, personal nostalgia, existentialist angst and contemporary politics.
I am not a huge fan of the postmodern wave sweeping through our modern culture so I have to find my own small ways of wrestling with it. Therefore you can also view these poems as my personal meditations about society at large and the individual within.

Mist of Languor

  • Author Name: Aswin Unni
    About the Author: Like almost all really important Indian writers of my generation I too started by taking Engineering in College. Something about designing gears and bolts brings out the Tolstoy in you doesn't it. My love for literature actually began when I started writing short Tom and Jerry episodes on my Mom's phone directory. Reading a lot of Wordsworth Poetry and Charles Dickens when I was in 2nd Grade also helped I guess. Anyway regardless of how boring my childhood was, my teenage years was filled with Sky Divin okay who am I kidding, I was reading Stephen King novels into the midnight. All that random stuff aside these days I enjoy watching sitcoms and anime religiously, but when I do have some free time I try to be a good little Dual MarketingAnalytics student. P.S I should say I prefer reading Schopenhauer's pessimistic self loathing more than all the bullshit Philip Kotler spouts out.
    Book ISBN: 9783636172914


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