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The anthology "Miscellaneous Musings" penned by R. Nappinnai comprises poems that emote Nature, togetherness, solitude and human apathy. These poems are the inner reflections of stronger feelings towards Nature, Humanity and Inner Rumination. This anthology is a clarion call to humanity to retrospect and introspect its stance towards Nature and the celebration of human emotions and provides a greater reading experience.

Miscellaneous Musings

SKU: 9789360949815
  • Author's Name: NAPPINNAI R

    About the Author: Ms R. Nappinnai is currently teaching English and Literature to the tertiary level students. She has coedited text books and research proceedings. The research articles authored by her have been published in National journals and anthologies. Her poetic lunacy has been unleashed as part of journals, anthologies and social media platforms.
    Book ISBN: 9789360949815
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