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Description of the book:

Mirage as Verses This is a book comprising of twenty poems, written over twenty days. Each of the poems is unique from another. Emoting the events of my life, which are quite not true. But yet, one can exclusively relate. Dive in and enjoy this wonderful book of remarkable poetries that are all nothing but an illusion.

Mirage as Verses

  • Author Name: Maya
    About the Author: "I am what my name is." ~Maya Is that how she introduces herself? It does come off as she does. MAYA, as she writes in her pen name, likes to keep her name a mystery, which to relates to her pseudonym. Maya, she's an illusion. Maya, she's a mystery. Who is this mystery girl? Oh, she is Maya. Maya is an author/poetess. Who very much aspires to become a screenwriter. 


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