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Description of the Book:

The book is a collection of poems dedicated to words & emotions that we experience everyday, about finding moments of appreciation in chaos of life.
It encapsulates how we are connected to everything around us, similarities and differences and inbetweens.
It has three parts. Each part has a set of poems to connect, reflect and relate with our own experiences.
The first part is from poem 1 14, threading through the expressions of emotions in our day to day lives, enriching our experiences. Each poem is devoted to emotions collectively experienced by all of us, from the author’s perspective.
The second part is, Poem 15, on which the title of the book stands, of how we experience moments no less than miracles that occur in our ordinary actions of something we do and even things we do not do. Miracles in Mundane, is a whole part in itself capturing some of these moments in words.
How easy it is for us to overlook a smallest of deeds that marks an impression and serves valuable experience for others. How negligible it is for us to overlook the miracles that occur daily in multiple ways. This poem is devoted to bringing attention to the times of miracles in the mundane.
Part three of the book, is from Poem 1621, is an audacious act of sharing the vulnerable depths of selfrealizations. These poems are least attempt to add meaning to the understanding of us, myself & beyond or are we all one anyway ? Jump right here, if thoughts keep you awake at nights & help me comprehend too.

Miracles in Mundane

  • Author Name: Gagandeep Bhatti
    About the Author: Gagandeep Bhatti, believes in the power of love above all. She has passion for reading, writing, travelling, watching movies and chatting over a cup of tea. She loves to share insights & experiences about life, metaphysics & spirituality. She believes all of us have a reservoir of limitless resources within and she helps others to find a map to channel these resources to achieve what they desire. She loves to work with people who want to fall in love with life doing what they love. She works with a basic philosophy of understanding “why we do what we do,” and “how can we do better?”. She helps to overcome limitations and create breakthroughs, emotional empowerment & innerexcellence. She is an international award winning coauthor of a bestseller book. She is a licensed NLP practitioner & life coach, Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. She conducts workshops & personal sessions to create a healthy balanced life. She is also an elite member of The National Association Of Experts, Writers & Speakers. You can connect with her at: /authorGagandeepBhatti Instagram Id: @thesoulbearer @writingisheart
    Book ISBN: 9787800288456


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