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Description of the book


'Mind Gets A Mouth' is a series of 21 poems - the kind of thoughts one has in quiet moments at night, the only time when the mind's voice is audible. In this collection, you'll find poems on multiple themes: love, mental health, motivation and more. Read them when you're broken, alone, or just plain overwhelmed. Maybe you'll find a string to hold on to. Or at least a poem to put on the 'gram. 

Mind Gets A Mouth

  • Author Name:  Aniket Chaughule
    About the Author: Aniket Chaughule is a Mumbai-based author. He started his writing journeyas a copywriter in an advertising firm, and now dabbles in short stories & poems. He draws inspiration from the works of Murakami, H.P Lovecraft, and of course, his own life and the world around him. This book of poems is his first published work.
    Book ISBN: 9780463319871


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