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Description of the Book:


Midnight Reveries is a collection of short poems with varying genres. Every bit of the poem expresses a roller-coaster of emotions. Poetry is not all about rhyming. Somewhere between the lines, you may find the meaning on the surface. Well, take another look!

Midnight Reveries

SKU: 9789360946968
  • Author's Name: Nikita Dhayal

    About the Author: Nikita Dhayal is an undergraduate student, pursuing a bachelor's degree in English Honors. She is a fervent reader and writer from a young age, composing short poems and stories. Initially, she was a Medical aspirant but shortly realized that much bigger things awaited her in the field of literature. She believes that scribbling helps with her mental cleanliness and is an escape from reality for her.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946968
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