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Description of the Book :


A compilation of twenty poems spanning over different themes and topics, everything that the author thinks is important in her life. Whether it's her obsession over Harry Potter or social issues such as gender disparity, you'll find it all in here.

Midnight Ramblings

  • Author's Name :  Sanjana Parth
    About the Author :  Sanjana is a bookworm with an affinity for travelling and music. Her love affair with books started at the age of 9 when she was travelling to Mussoorie to go to her hostel for the first time. That was also the time she discovered that she has a passion for writing and a really active imagination. She used to consistently write for her school's newsletters. She has a degree in hotel management and administration and is currently completing her Fellowship with Teach For India and teaches a bunch of adorable and supper sassy second graders. She loves to bake and traipse around the city with her camera during her free time. She loves watching romantic Bollywood movies (Yay, Shahrukh Khan) and is a massive Potterhead. She currently resides in Delhi NCR with her family.
    Book ISBN :  9781005115500
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