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Description of the Book :


Midnight Musings is a collection of contemporary poems and mystifying thoughts that explore the dark space between despair and hope. When days are plunged into darkness and sleep is impossible to find, racing ideas and regretful reflections often cloud conflicted minds. Toronto writer Kishan Baskaran blends themes of magical realism to add colour to the mundane. Bringing confusion into a fusion of stanzas and stories, this anthology captures the inner madness and outer calm many people balance on a daily basis. Constructed as a statement of equal parts millennial mental health and baby-boomer blahs, the poetry spans a spectrum of emotional experiences and traumas all can relate to. For the day dreamers who find their imagination spark at dusk, Midnight Musings is the perfect late-night poetic bliss.

Midnight Musings

SKU: 9786916748038
  • Author's Name :  Kishan Baskaran
    About the Author : Kishan Baskaran is a writer and social worker in Toronto, Canada. His professional and academic experiences serving the mental health of families and young people have allowed him to become a creative leader in anti-oppression and an innovative advocate for change at the grassroots community level. Kishan balances intensive frontline work in marginalized and underserved neighbourhoods with post-graduate research focusing on the mental health of South Asian communities in Canada. A self-proclaimed "terrible artist", Kishan endeavours to use creative writing as a form of therapeutic growth and an expression of beauty in flaws. In crafting his contemporary literary works, Kishan remains passionate about using the magical quality of words to bridge boundaries of inclusion and shatter walls of archaic segregation one page at a time.
    Book ISBN : 9786916748038
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