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Description of the Book :


Late nights are often times of creativity, personal projects and quiet reflection. It's not a habit for me to write consistently as I usually float between different art projects with little to no direction. Midnight musings bring a challenge of daily writings from one month into one convenient collection. As the late night brings the mind into a state of introspection, I hope you as the reader can enjoy the thoughts, ideas and themes in this Midnight musings even in its imperfection. Midnight musings brings a collection of mostly rhymes from topics such as moments,eating, technology, and other musings from my mind late at night from the thought provoking to the fleeting.

Midnight Musings

  • Author's Name :  Chunny Baker
    About the Author :  A Naarm based (Melbourne) multi creative experimenter. Can be found playing with a mix of mediums Including but not limited to, Drawing, Digital painting, 3D modeling, Animation, Dance Often Chunny’s art draws ideas and inspiration from mythology, world-building, games, lore, memories, subconsciousness, dreams and nightmares.. Outside of artist life Chunny is a movement enthusiast as a Parkour practitioner / Instructor, free skater and long-board dancer. Can often be seen skating or jumping around in the local area.
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