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Description of the Book:


The random and untouched songs of our life. The travel experience can add a lot to your gist of mind. The Unwanted feeling opens the universe to you. The crowd of unfamiliarity breeds beautiful ground. Step into the realms of emotion and imagination with the poems. Each verse unfolds a tapestry of feelings that you can find in life's simplest moments. This poetry book invites readers to explore daily human experiences. Find Yourself in my driftless poems. The meaningless meaning. A journey of waves that celebrates the poetic spirit to connect us all.

Midnight Echoes

SKU: 9789360943905
  • Author's Name: Sara Faraz

    About the Author: An Amateur, sober, quirky yet sensible. She loves to flow with words. She writes about her inner desire and longs for changes around her. She loves to experiment with words and its meaning.
    Book ISBN: 9789360943905
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