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Description of the Book :


As humans, we always tend to focus on the big things in life, paying little to no heed to the small moments that very subtly pass us by, never truly realising that in those ‘small’ moments we are the truest version of ourselves. This book is about those moments, those feelings of vulnerability, love, compassion, helplessness, despair, pain and so many emotions that make us inherently human. Some words left unsaid, some feelings left unexpressed however deeply felt, some moments that make us smile and sometimes even weep at the same time, the pain that makes us grow stronger each day, the messiness we feel, the chaos in our heads that we hide from the world… all etched in our memory, a beautiful experience for a lifetime! To these moments, some mine, some yours… here’s to them leading us to new beginnings, endless possibilities and wonderful surprises, even without the rose-coloured glasses on.

Metanoia : A Poetry Collection with Meraki

SKU: 9798201878795
  • Author's Name :  Kalyani Bhagat
    About the Author :  Kalyani Bhagat is a software developer turned writer who loves to paint word pictures. She writes about life, people and emotions. A former techie by job description, she has always been a poet at heart. She was born and raised in India and wrote her first poem at 11 years old. It was published in the children’s magazine, ‘The Twinkle star, Hitavada’. Her passion for writing kept calling out to her and she decided to move to London for her Masters degree in Creative Writing. She holds a Diploma in Creative Writing from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), an MA in Creative Writing from London Metropolitan University and an MFA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama - University of London. Visit her online at
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