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Description of the Book:

Even though these poems have nothing to do with each other, they are a perfect outline of the phase the author has been experiencing. It isn't the definition of happy, but the essence of a celebration rings throughout the book.The author portrays her numerous thoughts and memories in the best way she can and hopes that the reader relates to it and loves it as much as the author did writing it.


SKU: 9780593114513
  • Author Name: Ananya Prakash
    About the Author: Ananya Prakash is currently a college student who was born in India, but has spent most of her childhood on the move. An avid reader, a seemingly fine vocalist and an enthusiastic and loving soul, she discovered her passion for writing when she was twelve and has never looked back ever since. She has set out to make her life what she wishes it could be and is attempting to render herself an unstoppable force. She has organised her notes, shelfed the dissents and is all set to begin a new journey with her first book, Meraki a collection of poems where she presents a piece of herself to the world devised with just a simple pen and a blank sheet of paper.
    Book ISBN: 9780593114513


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