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Description of the Book:

"Meraki" is the soul, creativity or love that you put into something. It is the essence of yourself that you put into your work. This, being Swarna's first poetry book, is filled with parts her of that she has loved, ones that she has hated, but most importantly, ones that she has come to love. It has been her true passion project and an experience that felt truly cathartic. Inspiration flowed from her favourite books, book characters, movies, songs, from stories of friends and some of her own madeup characters as well.


SKU: 9780158296159
  • Author Name: Swarna Shivakumar
    About the Author: Swarna is a happy Bangalorean and a bythebook bibliophile who hates dogeared pages and broken spines more than she loves musty, old bookstores. However her biggest joy lies in adding more books to her never ending TBR pile of books. For someone who enjoys being the perpetual nerd, she takes great pride in the fact that she reads till 3 in the morning "just for fun". She secretly nurtures a hope of navigating the world in search of a story or two, but shush, don't tell anyone!
    Book ISBN: 9780158296159


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