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Description of the Book:


"Merak" means pleasure, passion, and desire in Turkish. I uncovered another meaning to "Merak": it is a blue star of the second magnitude seen in Ursa Major's constellation. It forms a part of the base of the Big Dipper. In Serbian, "Merak" means a feeling of bliss and a sense of oneness with the universe.

The combination of a guiding star and bliss had hovered around my mind for a few minutes. It was the perfect title for my second book. The book has poems based on joy, solitude, the blessing of God, forgiveness, etc. The lyrics have given me pleasure to pen them down. There was not a single dull moment in between the words. It was hectic and exhausting to finish 21 poems in 21 days. Yet, I enjoyed every minute of writing them. I hope the readers will enjoy them similarly.


SKU: 9789357614283
  • Author's Name: Sucharita Parija
    About the Author: Sucharita's debut book "Estrenar: Beginning of a new journey" was published in 2021 by StoryMirror Infotech Pvt Ltd. The poetry book has brought her numerous awards and recognition around the nation. She won the "Poet Of The Year-2022" award by Ukiyoto Publishing House. Additionally, the author was awarded for her book in the Bharatiya Sahitya Mahotsav 2022, along with the Tagore Commemorative Edition 2022 by NE8x. Sucharita was a panelist as a poet in the PragatiE Vichaar Poetry Festival 2022 in collaboration with FrontList on World Poetry Day (21 St March 2022). Sucharita has received the Author Of The Week, the Author of the Year 2020 (Reader's Choice), and the Author Of The Year 2021 (Editor's Choice) Award By StoryMirror Pvt Ltd so far. Sucharita graduated in Architecture from the College Of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar. She is a gold medalist in Masters in Computer Applications and the recipient of the prestigious Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) award.
    Book ISBN: 9789357614283
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