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Description of the Book:


Poetry is an art form that has the potential to touch our hearts. It also can help us on our path in life through all its blimps and cascades. In this book I touch upon several themes that all of us can relate to from our individual lives. The book is inspired by the unpredicatability of my life and the questions that I have spent long nights pondering. The path is a wandering though my childhood years, teenage years and young adulhood. I hope that these pages help you as you walk on this journey that we call life.

Memories of a Child

SKU: 9789360948351
  • Author's Name: Aiden Gupta

    About the Author: I am Aiden Gupta, someone who has been writing poetry since I can remember. When writing I have been inspired by life and its constant changes such as age, expectations, and love. Some of my favourite poets are Oscar Wilde & Pablo Neruda. I have been lucky enough to live in 3 distinct cities London, Dubai, and Mumbai throughout my life and that exposure constantly affects my writing.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948351
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