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Description of the Book :


21 years in the life is a long time and Danny wishes to share it all. Whether sad and emotional or happy and boisterous, Danny shares an honest outlook on life, death, and everything in between as he understands it. Written in 2021 with new perspectives on his past, Danny explores major events, revelations, and changes he's endured over the years with both a critical and optimistic outlook on what's to come.

Memoirs of a Drowsy Student

  • Author's Name :  Daniel Rodriguez Hijo
    About the Author :  Daniel Rodriguez Hijo is an actor, director, and published playwright known for his work on The PC Trinity Theatre Company in Plain City, Ohio. Preferring to be called by his nickname, Danny spent five years acting and directing before also taking towards a keyboard and typing up dramatizations for the stage for the past four. Always observing the life and circumstances of himself and others, Danny's works cover stories that range from historical and realistic to farcical and comedic. As both a Theatre major at Ohio Wesleyan University and a Drama instructor at Jonathan Alder Local Schools, Danny loves exploring the complexity of mankind within the consistency of life to provide accurate and honest portrayals of the people and things that make up our world. He believes these honest portrayals should start with being his genuine self. While his hair used to be kept short, he grew it out to its current grandiose length after successfully overcoming a relationship that nearly made him lose everything and everyone; its length represents the personal progress he has made since then.
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