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Description of the Book:

A collection of poetry each spurred on from a mediocre moment that managed to latch onto a couplet that grows into the final poem. Written with little intent but upon the wave of feelings which catalysed into these verses. They are manifestations of sincere emotion rather than an endeavour of artistic expression. I hope that they may provide a sliver of some hope, solace and perhaps joy to whoever reads them.

Memoir Mediocre: Moments Made Memories

SKU: 9789358364491
  • Author's Name: Abdullah Al-Rafi
    About the Author: Abdullah Al-Rafi was born in 1997 amid the vast vibrancy of Sydney’s suburban life. From a young age, he was continually fascinated by the world around him and the various pulses that gave it life – not just on a mechanical level, but on a deeply spiritual and existential one. Having graduated from High School in 2015, he then moved on to study Mechatronics Engineering at the esteemed University of Sydney. University was not only a time of learning and intellectual edification for Abdullah, but a time of immersive community involvement and activism; Abdullah contended with the various developments of a growing Muslim community in Sydney. It also became a time where the blending of various personal, intellectual and spiritual struggles took place – a time of turbulence in many ways which formed the bedrock and inspiration for the poetry Abdullah began to write and distribute. A perpetual student of wisdom and characterised most prominently by his quick wittedness, compassion and broad personality, Abdullah’s poetry touches on universal themes of spirituality, loss, love and friendship. His works provide a stark and deeply moving portrait of a modern Muslim experience in all of its beauty, subtlety and (at times terrifying) rawness.
    Book ISBN: 9789358364491


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