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Description of the Book :


Dear Readers, What follows in this small book verse is a walk down the memory lane. This is a reflection of my experiences where God was kind enough to show me a few gems of humans. Though moments I spend with them are fleet-footed, they left behind strong emotions that helped me grow as a person. I simply want to share the feeling with you, the feeling that embraced my heart with ecstatic joy. May I wish you with my heart and soul a pleasant reading !

Melodies & Melancholies

  • Author's Name :  Kanmani S Rajesh
    About the Author :  Kanmani S Rajesh, an engineer by qualification, writer by passion. Life, she thinks is a beautiful medley punctuated with melodies and melancholies. Writing is where she finds solace. Every time she was wary of God's play, it was wordplay that kept her going. This book is her musings on the quirky twists and turns life takes. She is sure you can relate to at least one verse in this book.
    Book ISBN :  9781005946777
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