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Description of the Book:

Mellowed' is the feeling that arises as the essence of a happy soul. The day you start finding joy with yourself, is the day your growth starts. A collection of poems that resonates with the daily life and emotions of a young girl is 'Mellowed'. If you are looking for simple feel good poetry, this book is for you. Wish you a happy reading experience!! Feel free to write feedback and suggestions at -


  • Author Name: Sarita Sangwan
    About the Author: Sarita Sangwan is born and brought up in Haryana. She is a post graduate in chemistry and is currently pursuing doctorate in the same. 'Mellowed' is the debut book of the author. She gratefully reveres her family. Human values and small gestures of kindness please her. 'Artistic', sometimes 'fanatic', 'lively', 'a chirping bird', 'a die-hard tea-lover', 'reader' and 'an ardent nature lover' is what she is when described in adjectives. She is looking forward to more writing and publishing ventures that give voice to young minds like her.
    Book ISBN:  9781005840570


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