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Description of the Book:

Plunge into a rollercoaster of assorted human sentiments The Love ,The Hate,The Believe and everything in between . Experience how we strongly feel every emotion and how we utilise it as our motivation to learn, build, and grow in our life .
These twentyone poems take us on a journey of appreciation for our privileged life , and how we can require nothing to feel abundant and grateful.It reflects back to us How deeply can we love and hate ? How shallow can our believe in oneself be ? And also , how mightily our believe can change our lives !
Above all , it encompasses the many hues of a human being and exhibit how different and yet same us humans can be .


SKU: 9781005651756
  • Author Name: Dr. Prakriti L Thapa
    About the Author: Dr. Prakriti L Thapa , a medical doctor by profession , an aspiring Surgeon and a proponent of Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing. A staunch advocate for Women and Child Health and Women Empowerment .Additionally , she is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer . Earned degrees in Classical Vocal Music , Rabindra Sangeet and Painting . She harbours unconditional love for animals and stands strongly against animal abuse . She is a gym bunny , an environmentalist with a spiritual inclination and one who believes that her writings is her mighty weapon in bringing about transformative changes in our unjust society .
    Book ISBN: 9781005651756


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