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Description of the Book :

This book is a collection of poems that explore queer spirituality, relationships, love and the human experience. It begs the question: what is love? and delves into how we heal from heartbreak, what our relationship to God is after coming out, and how we begin to love again. Loss and love go hand in hand to express what it means to have a melancholic sort of hope.

Melancholic Hope: Poems on Breaking and Mending

  • Author's Name: Hope Pratt
    About the Author: After growing up around books and being told stories as a child, Hope is now an aspiring writer. She has lived around the world; in the USA; in Nouakchott, Mauritania; in Herat, Afghanistan; and now lives in Sydney, Australia with her family. After coming to terms with her sexuality she is a proud supporter of LGBT+ affirmation in churches around the world. At the moment, she is planning to study Media and Communications at the University of Technology Sydney, as writing and creating art are at the forefront of her passions.


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