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Description of the Book:

My experiences with anxiety are encapsulated in ‘Melancholia - an anthology of thirty poems that take you through a journey of apprehensions, anguish, displacement, detachment, acceptance, growth, self-love and preservation. The free verse poetry articulates how I have toiled incessantly to fight off the sense of disquietude and how enforcing positive affirmations have helped me in overcoming it to some extent. ‘Melancholia’ is an amalgamation of the struggles and the little joys and yearnings of an anxious soul put into verse. With a few love poems and poem about art and poetry thrown in the mix to serve the slice of life vignettes of the author’s life. On a silent night, when thoughts elude you, Melancholia will soothe your heart and will remind you that you are not alone. Keep breathing!


SKU: 9798201109837
  • Author's Name: Aayushi
    About the Author: Aayushi, a student of English Literature has ventured into the field of book publication with her first collection of poetry, Melancholia. A book close to her heart as it captures the essence of a significant part of her life that not many know of. Having dwelt in the world of poets and writers, she usually sees the world through her artistically tainted glasses and has used the same to look at her encounter with anxiety.
    Book's ISBN: 9798201109837


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