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Description of the Book:

As the title suggests it may be her might be you there is no wonder anyone can be her even today after so many years of fighting against patriarchy there is still grief in every woman's heart. Here there are poems which will pertain you to her soul as it's your own. Because most of them even if they are treated well, at least once in a lifetime they would have faced some of this, thus it's maybe her might be you. The journey of a woman is joyful but people around her make it miserable. Some people are ready to agree that women are strong but only with the great companion they say. Yet women who are cells grown is her own company in forever this book is a Roller coaster of women's emotion. At least, one of these poems may have an impact on you, before you try to harm women or even think about it. Hope this reading gives you insight into what it takes to be a woman.

May be her, Might be you!!

  • Author's Name: Bhavana Keremata
    About the Author: Bhavana Keremata. Currently pursuing Masters in English at IGNOU. Passionate about writing. Writes in kannada and English. One of her Kannada children's play is already published. Acting, dancing and learning new things is all time hobbies.
    Book ISBN: 9781005559434


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