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Description of the Book :


Matching the random alphabets make Words. Matching the random Words Make Sentences. Matching the random sentences make Poetry. For an instance, we would call them as Magic of Compilation. Those Magical Compilation of words sometimes will give you the meaning, sometimes it will not. This is one such of a book where you can only read, interpret and “Match the Following” Poetry with yourself to comprehend the meaning from the “Bouquet of Words”

Match the Following - Grab the Smell

  • Author's Name : Nandha Lakshman
    About the Author : Mr. Nandha Lakshman, whose birth is Nandhakumar. He was born on 20.12.1995, in a village near Marakkanam, Tamilnadu. He is a contemporary writer who predominantly works in Tamil literature who constantly thinks and writes on the problems faced by Human beings on the society, their psychological behaviors and their societal behaviors ..He has already written a book in Tamil named “AZHAGUM ADUPANGARAIYUM”, which deals with the psychological and societal conflicts created out of the term “BEAUTY”. He is also a filmmaker, who is predominantly working in Tamil industry and has made a Tamil film named “NEDUMI”, which deals with the problems faced by Toddy Tappers in the period 1990s
    Book ISBN : 9781005041656
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