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Description of the Book :


Thoughts-where do they go once they leave your mind? Do they fester in puddles on the ground, lingering in constant wait for a new person to torment? Or do they vanish into thin air, expecting to be summoned again by your untrained mind, becoming more grotesque and larger than life each time they feed on you. Let yourself move with the words and discover a hidden part of yourself beyond their initial noise. This is a call to conquer the vast landscape of emotions that invariably arise from that constant chatter. This book shows a slew of conversations with Time and the Void, following themes of death and renewal, conversations your subconscious and your ego have held at least once, without your conscious knowing. Do you dare follow me down this track? Do you dare peek behind the blinders?

Marvel in Motion

  • Author's Name :  Mihaela-Adriana Bodea
    About the Author :  Mihaela Adriana Bodea is a writer, poet, hypnotherapist, tarot reader and a self-recreated Human Being, born in a small city in Transylvania. She has a passion for learning how the mind and the heart work, especially how they act independently when not in sync. She proclaims herself a Bridge Builder between these two. Reconnecting the adult with the Inner Child is her favourite past-time activity, in tandem with holding Film Clubs for herself and her friends. She also proclaims herself to be a vampire on the mend, due to having had egotistic tendencies while growing up. A powerful wake up call and some years of intense shadow work have pushed her to see humanity in a different light and is continuously working to bring some brightness to the dark because all in all, she believes that there cannot exist one without the other. Integration is key. She also loves doing puzzles.
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