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Description of the Book:

The poems in the book, Mapping the Dislocation, revolve around themes of memory, migration and the ephemeral sense of home. The collection embraces the idea of motion and circulation the notions of impermanence. All the titles of the pieces within the book, are drawn from the works of Zarina (Hashmi), an Indian-American artist and printmaker. Mapping the Dislocation is a tribute to Zarina.

Mapping the Dislocation

  • Author Name: Shristi Sainani
    About the Author: Formally trained as an interior and architectural designer, Shristi Sainani is a curator, designer, researcher and writer. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2020 from the University of Sydney. At the beginning of her tertiary education, she realised her passion for writing, and began producing culture-based articles for a multitude of forums. She has also recently successfully published a collection of poems, entitled Ochre (2021). In 2020, she found 'ArtProbe', a weekly online journal which seeks to critique artists and exhibitions from across the globe. Shristi’s current research focus is the collections and architecture of private art museums in addition to exploring the art of Africa and Asia, from a modernist and contemporary perspective. Shristi also holds certifications in Art History, Management of Cultural Organisations, Curating Internet-based Art, and in Exhibition Design. She currently pursues her Masters of Art Curatorship from the University of Melbourne.
    Book ISBN: 9781005396244


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