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Description of the Book:

Nights have always been a peak thinking hour, it's when one gets to feel the rush of all kinds of emotions, which is more personal. It can be sunny moments of life one wants to live it all over again, it can just be imagination or fantasy, a memory of one's beloved, it can be a desire or an urge to be felt passionately, to feel love, self-questioning or the issues one have with stereotypes. It is not based on just one theme. Furthermore, it is about the most common personal sentiments one might have or will encounter someday or the other in their lifetime.

Magic of the Night

  • Author Name: Akshita Agarwal
    About the Author: Akshita Agarwal is no best-selling author. She is a simple girl with no specific ambition because she wants to do everything, at least once in her lifetime. Before dwelling into writing she has done her B.A. Honors in English Literature completed her Bachelors in Education from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra, and now she is pursuing her Masters in English Literature from IGNOU. She has always found writing as her escape from overthinking and anxiety. One day, she is looking forward to becoming the best-selling author too.
    Book ISBN:9781005393298


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