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Description of the Book:

This book includes some of my old and mostly new poetic compositions that I wrote at different stages of my life. As humans, we evolve, we unfold and go through a pool of emotions and sentiments at various phases of our lives, and we possess our own respective notions, but not all of us can compose them and put them together on paper. Some of you might be feeling the same way as I did at some point, at crossroads of life. Hence, this book is an effort to compile all such emotions into motion and get connected to you all in a way or the other.

Mélange Musings - A Poetic Compilation

SKU: 9783303104910
  • Author Name: Mampi Debnath
    About the Author: Mampi Debnath is a learner, musician (vocalist) by passion and editor by profession. She's a postgraduate in Biotechnology as well. Being creative and artistic has always been an essential part of her existence. She believes whatever happens in life, good or bad, is only meant to make you wiser. With her musical interests and an artistic mindset, she loves to pen down her emotions on paper from time to time, be it a poetry soup or a musical composition. She has always been a melomaniac and dreamt of achieving things that would satiate the soul rather than just running after materialistic needs. She believes nothing is greater in this world than love and kindness. This world would be a nice place if everyone was and is nice and humble to each other. She is introspecting, analyzing and growing, while she dreams of reaching the pinnacle of success by manifesting all the positive things in her life. Love to all who are putting an effort to read it! May all your good wishes come true??
    Book ISBN: 9783303104910


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