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Description of the Book:

Love such a beautiful word and a magical emotion. The sheer word itself leaves us with a tingling feeling and extends to a charismatic smile. It is a strength that makes you fearless. It is a runway that gears you to fly.
But with all the adulteration of stereotypes, today love has become just a label. This book will take you through a few offbeat versions of love, which have been understated and may not be understood by the trapped hearts.


  • Author Name: Tasneem Jamnagarwala
    About the Author: Mostly addressed as T.J she carries 12 years of diverse experience in the field of advertising. After being commercially correct and being a voice for thousands of brands, this is the 1st time where she decided to take a leap by compiling her own untold and unheard emotions into a bunch of enticing poems.
    Book ISBN: 9788971879153


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