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Description of the book:

Here is a collection of poems from a girl who decided that from loving art and poetry, she would make her life a work of art and become poetry herself. Here is the hand she is giving you to remind you that you are worth living your wildest dreams and falling in love with yourself. There is beauty within your struggle. You just have to find a way to walk through it and glow through it, in spite of it and maybe even because of it. You are the light you have been looking for.

Love Yourself Back to Life

SKU: 9781005671785
  • Author Name : Komel
    About the Author : Komel works as an English teacher in France. She is a dancer and a musician too. Ever since she was a kid, she always loved books and held the wish that she would someday write her own books too, hoping her words could help others and mean something to people out there the same way she would always find solace in other people's words.


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