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Description of the Book:

In this book of poetry Anurag will take you into his mind and the wars his neurons wage inside. This collection of poems is a recipe of three loosely tied threads: love, human folly, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two. Anurag intends to paint a surrealist array of emotions, with vivid stories, and contemplative imaginations. He will take you to different worlds, walk in them with you, and bring you back safely to your own world. The poems are meant to be enjoyed, not with intense concentration or the deepest emotions. The best way to enjoy the poems is to read them and let their magic work on you in the subtlest ways. Most important: let it change how you see the world. Because words without meaning, are words seeking meaning, and those are the best words.

Love, Wisdom and Human Folly: From the Memories

  • Author's Name: Anurag Tambe
    About the Author: Anurag A Tambe is an entrepreneur, poet, and writer. He has a double graduation in commerce and law from the Pune University. He owns an electronics company, but his passion lies in writing. ‘Of Love, Wisdom, and Human Folly’ is his first poetry book, his debut. He is in the process of writing a crime thriller and an Indological fantasy & humor novel which would soon be published. He lives in Pune with his wife and two cats: Momo and Larry. He would like to know your thoughts on the book. You may reach him on his email address: ‘’.
    Book ISBN: 9780463446577


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