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Description of the Book :


Love mostly, and other life things is a book of poetry centred around my experiences, reflections and journey with love. It also touches on more whimsical subjects like dreams, thoughts of the future and reflections on the present.

Love mostly, and other life things

SKU: 9780463303337
  • Author's Name :  Taé
    About the Author :  Taé is a creative from Melbourne, Australia. As a Musician and Educator, Taé has taught countless students, fostering a love of music as well as maintaining a busy freelancing career. She has toured extensively performing in Europe and Asia, and has experienced countless languages and cultures which have all shaped her experience and influenced her writing thus far. In Australia, she performs regularly in opera and choral concerts both on Modern and Baroque Violin. Taé is passionate about fashion and design, colour, hair, art and singing and these have also shaped her creativity but writing has been her second true love. As a writer, Taé seeks to share her feelings and experiences with her readers, hoping they too can live in the snow globe moment of her poems.
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