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Description of the Book:

Drawing on my past experiences I have learned a lot. This book shows the stregnth I have gained from years of wiritng. This book allows my to articulate how I feel. Writing has become a tool in helping me overcome a lot of my fears and dobts. It has greatly impacted my life. This book goes out to all the people who can not articulate how they feel, but happen to be feeling it anyway.

Love Me From Deep Within

SKU: 9785476792857
  • Author Name: Samantha Devasagayam
    About the Author: Samantha Devasagayam is the author of this book. Her work started mostly in highschool and continued well into her 20's. She continues to love writing and tried to be inspired by everything around her daily. She works with young children and loves to help them grow daily.
    Book ISBN: 9785476792857


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