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Description of the Book:


Love, Life; Everything in between is an attempt by the author to capture the complexities of human emotions and present them in a simple yet thought provoking and rhythmic manner. Through this Selection of poems He asks you to take an emotional journey with him, an attempt to see inside his heart and mind as he portrays intricacies of love and loss. It is a journey to seek hope whilst struggling with overwhelming and unnerving emotions. Pratik’s Poetry is inspired by the wonder of the universe, the breadth of human emotions and writes about love, loss, hope and graciously letting go through roller-coaster ride that life is. Also, the poem ‘love, life.’ With Which he ends this book is special. In that poem every Noun, Verb and Adjective which is not an intermediary/Conjunction represents a title of the poems he has written till date.

Love,life; Everything in between.

  • Author Name: Pratik kapur
    About the Author: 
    About the author Pratik kapur lives in the city of dream, Mumbai and has been a caregiver for nearly a decade and chooses to express the depth and complexity of his journey intimately through poems. Trader By the day, Copywriter and poet by the night, Pratik kapur has written over 200 poems, and through his book wishes to take you on an emotion-evoking journey using his selection of best poems which portray the intricacies of his existence. His work as a poet swings between Hopeful and woeful. Love, life; Everything in between as the title suggest honestly encompasses the perspective through which he has lived his life.


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