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Description of the Book: 


Before we dig in, Have you asked someone what love is? Neither you hold on to it, Or does it linger. Whether to give Or it is to take, Trust is delicacy of love Break it, to bane by it. The book is all about nostalgic moments in love and life.

Love, Life and Emotions

  • Author Name : Rohit K Kumar
    About the Author: Rohit is convinced that stupidity takes over the world anytime soon. Stubborn head and meek heart. He is living his best 20’s as of now, However, as stupidity is on its way to conquer the world, he would love to enjoy that by writing prose poetry, short stories and novels. He is also a part of few anthologies prior to this book. Rohit’s standalone book “Chalice of love” is something to read where it all talks about people in love. Along with writing, he is also interested in electronic gadgets and often explores them by breaking. He has a computer science engineering degree (something to share about after all 4 years of journey with lots of memories rather than the actual use). When he is not writing, he is mostly found in kitchen cooking or experimenting. Rohit is also a chess fanatic. You can connect with him on Instagram @r0hit_kumar and share your thoughts.


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