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Description of the Book :


Through a series of poems, sahara i. mehdi expresses the earth-shattering experience of teenage love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. a combination of eloquence and exaggeration, her poetry is reminiscent of the soundtrack to your first love -- youthful and dramatic with the melancholic knowledge that it will end one day. in her debut work, mehdi reminds us that romantic love (however fleeting) is worth immortalizing in poetry, but the most important person to love is oneself.

Love letters to myself

SKU: 9780522174625
  • Author's Name : Sahara I. Mehdi
    About the Author : Sahara i. mehdi is a 19-year-old journalism student in her third year at ryerson university in toronto, ontario. she fell in love with poetry five years ago and hasn’t stopped writing since. sahara has been creating videos and other content under the alias “miss brainy” on youtube since she was 15 years old. for more of her writing, you can find her @missbrainywrites or @missbrainyblog on instagram.
    Book ISBN : 9780522174625
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